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"We never hesitate to check out new treats when they hit the market, because we like to provide a variety of tastes and textures to Hazel whenever we can- she is the love of our lives after all! We were so excited for her to check out Wizzos Pup Treats and could not have been more thrilled. The texture of the chips is perfect, and she clearly loves the taste! It's so important to us that we are giving our dog a high quality treat, one that's been carefully crafted with the best ingredients available. Two enthusiastic paws up!"

TT Von Puppydog

"WOW, I just got home and can I just tell you my old girl loved them... Maybe the chicken jerky and chicken blueberry chips were tied but she scarfed all three. Inhaled. I have been struggling all week to give her little meals and coax her. She now has a new routine after dinner she just looks over at the Wizzos bag and blankly stares till I figure out that she wants one."


"I have two dogs who both LOVE to eat, but Cody is very picky about what exactly he eats.  It was hard to find the right treats and food for Cody. When I started giving Cody Wizzos treats, I noticed that both dogs love Wizzos treats! They especially enjoy the chicken jerky and chicken chips. They love the taste and the crunch. I often put crumbled up treats on Cody's food just so that he will eat his meals!"


"Wizzos rocked my dogs' world!! Thank you for the treats. I have to admit, they looked and smelled yummy enough to eat!!"

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