Guaranteed Analysis

Chicken Chips:

77% Protein

9% Fat

1% Fiber

11% Moisture

Chicken Blueberry Chips:

70% Protein

9% Fat

2% Fiber

7% Moisture

Chicken Breast Jerky:

80% Protein

5% Fat

1% Fiber

16% Moisture

Creating safe treats for dogs.

Wizzos Pup Treats is passionate about providing great quality, fun and tasty treats that are backed by science. We also believe every dog and their owner deserves guaranteed safety and nutrients within the the treats they purchase for their dog. We are dedicated to making our homemade treats just that.



It’s all about something called ‘bioavailability’. All of our treats have high bioavailability, and this means that the essential amino acids in the proteins are readily digested, absorbed and utilized by your dog’s body.

When we feed dogs foods which are high in nutrient bioavailability, we ensure that the dog is able to absorb the nutrients available. Processed treats use inferior ingredients and/or are cooked at incredibly high temperatures, which begins to lower the bioavailability of the nutrients in the food. This can result in deficiencies in your dog’s diet, creating harmful effects to their overall health.  


So while making treats is fun for us, Wizzos Pup Treats believes in playfulness backed by science, which shows in all of our products. Wizzos “chips” are unlike anything currently available on the market. Wizzos chips combine the satisfaction of a crunchy biscuit (which rarely contain any real proteins or nutrients and provide very low bioavailability for your dog) while removing all gluten and providing a high-protein treat that is easily digestible (high nutrient bioavailability) and delicious. It is the combination of hand-picked, fresh, whole, human-grade ingredients, along with our careful preparation that has allowed Wizzos Pup Treats to create these unique treats for your dogs to enjoy.