Our Story 

Cara, or as we affectionately call her, Wizzos, is a sweet rescue pit mix that was brought into the local shelter as a stray when she was approximately one year old. It was speculated that she lived in a homeless encampment because she was very socialized to city life but seemed uncomfortable in a home environment. She would often stare at me as if she needed something but when I’d ask her “What’s up?” in a normal tone, she would react as though she’d done something wrong. This reaction was heartbreaking to me. I quickly started interacting with her using high-pitched baby talk that turned the phrase “what’s up” into something sounding like “wizzos” which did the trick and, so this became her nickname. After that, anytime she would stare, I would playfully say “What’s up Wizzos?” and she would react by either bringing a toy over for playtime or just head over for some love and affection, and showed her appreciation by providing lots of licks and cuddles. Cara quickly adapted to her new life and has been spreading her love as a certified therapy dog ever since.


From day one, Cara was healthy, incredibly sweet, sensitive and food motivated and though she seemed to really love food, every commercial food that she was fed ended up causing her to have skin and digestive issues. After many trips to the vet, research and participating in canine education courses, I started incorporating handmade whole foods and eventually, I began making all of her food and treats from scratch. This shift resulted in her skin and digestive issues disappearing completely. Through this process of researching, education, trial and error and discussions with friends and other dog owners, it was clear that what Cara was experiencing was not uncommon. I started making treats to share with others and was met with appreciation and great success which led to encouragement to sell to the public. Thanks to Cara, this is how our handmade dog treats and  Wizzos Pup Treats came to be!