The Choice is Yours

At Wizzos Pup Treats, it’s our goal to bring you the highest quality, high protein dog treats on the market. Our "chips" are always made with human grade proteins as the first ingredient and our jerky are always 100% human grade dehydrated proteins with no additives or fillers - Just Protein!


Providing your dog with healthy handcrafted dog treats over heavily processed commercial dog treats is a choice that will benefit your pup greatly.

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Homemade snacks for dogs

Due to the current unknowns around the Coronavirus, we are temporarily halting the production and processing of all products for the health and safety of our customers, staff and facility contacts. We thank you for your patience at this time and hope for us all to stay safe and healthy.

Our Story

After adopting Cara (aka Wizzos), I soon realized that commercial dog foods and treats were causing uncomfortable skin and digestive issues for her, I began supplementing her food and treats with natural additives to help alleviate these issues, but nothing seemed to work long-term. So, I went from using supplements to making healthy homemade dog treats and food from scratch. After making this change, all of her digestive and skin issues disappeared, and she began to truly thrive.

Why Wizzos?

Once I began making homemade dog treats and food for Wizzos, I realized that commercial dog food options just did not compare to making foods from scratch. I began to understand the importance of feeding dogs high-quality proteins like real chicken and fresh fruits and vegetables. Equally as important is the way these foods are cooked. We ensure that our handcrafted dog treats are never overcooked and they provide the highest nutritional value available. 

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